How to Use the F360 Files

February 8, 2022 blog01

There’s more than just burs when it comes to dentistry. As you get into endodontics, files are an extremely important staple. And – just like burs – there are various types of endodontic files.

Komet’s F360 is an ingenious two-file system that makes preparing root canals consistent, efficient and safe. This file system helps endodontists and general practitioners face any root canal preparation challenge that comes their way.

Check out the below step-by-step process of how to use the F360 files. 

1. Use the Reciprocating Opener to enlarge the canal entrance. 


2. Create a glidepath and ensure the patency of the canal with the PathGlider


3. Prepare the canal along the entire length in a "pecking" motion with the F360 file in size 025.


4. Finish the canal along the entire length in a "pecking" motion with the F360 file in size 035. 


5. Obturate with matching paper and gutta percha points. 


Download the full step-by-step PDF here.

The F360 files make root canal preparations efficient, consistent and practical as only two shaping files are required for the vast majority of root canals. The files are available in three lengths and four sizes, providing the right file selection for every canal.

Stay tuned for the next instrument in our series.

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